laptop_articles_fotolia_462415_xsWelcome to Algarve Articles  (and information). This site was set up for the benefit of Algarve residents, tourists and property owners, to obtain local information and at the same time also allowing local businesses to provide details of their business,  product or services etc that may be of help  to our readers.

 This site will follow the normal pattern of Article Sites. You may submit an article (usually 250 – 450 words ) but more is allowed if you have great detail to provide.   At the end of the article you may provide any of the following details:-  Your Name,  Business or Product Name , and your website address (URL).  Also include a short summary.e.g. John Smith has been making widgets in Faro for 20 years and full information can be found at www.algarvewidgets.com

 It is quite normal that your article can show up and be viewed on Google or Yahoo etc without people actually coming to this site directly. This will give you a direct link back to your business and hopefully gain you a new customer. With extra web traffic in mind we wish to point out that your title is very important. Make it something that people “have” to read such as “10 Secret Algarve Beaches – Where are they?”   

 Also remember in your article, if you are selling “widgets” mention “widgets” several times. This and your title should get you picked out by Google etc in your own right. But please do NOT make a blatant advertisement. This really puts readers off. Stress the BENEFITS of your product or service.

As it is FREE to submit an article you can have free advertising for as long as you want. You may write as many articles as you like so long as they are interesting and have benefits for our readers.      

    We will keep the site simple at the moment and all article submissions will be read and vetted (by a human) so please do not include anything illegal, immoral or slanderous. At a later date we may have to introduce a form of free membership and auto submission if it is required. In the mean time please submit your articles and obtain your free advertising. We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Ed.